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    Restaurants,Logan Square,Food Culture,Nightlife
    Photo by Joerg Metzner, October 27, 2019 Passion House Roaster, Longman & Eagle, Saba, Merchant, The Crab Pad “I’m Joshua Millman, the owner Passion House Coffee Roasters. Iappreciate that you said I'm inviting because that's the foundation of PassionHouse, to be of service and to be...
    Restaurants,Food Culture,Logan Square,Nightlife,LatinX businesses
    Photo by Joerg Metzner, March 22, 2020 Logan Square has always had its fair share of excellent food spots but ever since Jason Hammel opened Lula Café in 1999, the neighborhood’s culinary scene exploded at an unprecedented rate. Bon Appetit described it as “the new culinary (and nightlife)...
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